But now, one son is working on his master s degree at Central and is a graduate assistant trainer in football and baseball.When asked who he wanted to win, Don admitted it was a hard choice.In the end, we bleed green, but we want to support our son, Mary said. We re hoping it s a good game.Bob Sarachman, CMU class of 1972, played basketball for the Chippewas.But on Saturday, the Kent City resident was sporting a MSU sweatshirt.He had a gold shirt underneath, just in case, he said.Predicting a Spartan win, Sarachman said he would be happy whichever team won.Jake Howard and Craig Miller of Midland, CMU class of 09, were pure CMU.We are the underdogs, Howard said on his prediction of the game s winner. But we have shocked people.

Nine year old orphan Margaret Mulubwa also finds herself in captivity after she upsets some conservative villagers and is sent to a Zambian witch camp in Welsh debutant Rungano Nyoni’s I Am Not a Witch, which employs a provocatively elliptical narrative style to explore the superstition, ignorance, prejudice and corruption that hinders progress in so many African countries. Another outside ruffles feathers in Yorgos Lanthimos’s The Killing of a Sacred Deer after wealthy cardiothoracic surgeon Colin Farrell befriends fatherless teenager Barry Keoghan, only for him to destroy his benefactors cosy home with his ophthalmologist wife. Nicole Kidman..

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